The majority in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU but has failed to insist on a course which is, arguably, very much in its best interests. W...View Details

How has Ireland managed the novel coronavirus COVID–19? Were we ready for it? Did the government make the right choices? What isthe science now on the...View Details

100 years ago this 21 November, over 30 people were killed in three separate events: the assassination of British intelligence agents by Michael Colli...View Details

How do we think about the domestic situation in the United States, and America’s role in the world, as the November 2020 presidential election approac...View Details

The US election in November of this year will be one of the most consequential in many years. Can Trump be beaten by Joe Biden? If he is, will he acce...View Details

One of the last remaining Holocaust survivors living in Ireland, Tomi Reichental did not speak about his experiences for many years after immigrating....View Details

First established in the year 2000 to house asylum seekers entering the Irish state in search of international protection, Direct Provision was intend...View Details

In this episode, celebrated food writer Bee Wilson joins Catherine Cleary, journalist and food writer with The Irish Times, to discuss our evolving re...View Details

Fintan O’Toole: Brexit

Perhaps Ireland’s best known journalist, Fintan O’Toole is well known for piercing political commentary and in this episode he ruthlessly dissects the...View Details

Kate Mulgrew is an actor and author best known for starring roles in Star Trek (Captain Janeway) and Orange is the New Black (Red). In this episode, K...View Details

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