In this 15-minute interview, playwright Enda Walsh and Galway International Arts Festival Artistic Director Paul Fahy discuss their ongoing collaborat...View Details

Welcome to Part 2 of our Vinyl Hours conversation with Ireland’s renowned concert orchestra conductor and choirmaster David Brophy, hosted by Tiernan ...View Details

For the first time, Galway International Arts Festival's popular Vinyl Hours music discussion series is available as a podcast. In this episode, Vinyl...View Details

The global pandemic has distracted everyone from another problem facing the planet, for which there is no vaccine: climate change and its predictable ...View Details

Does Culture Drive Human Evolution? Gaia Vince thinks it does. She claims that four evolutionary drivers – Fire, Language, Beauty and Time – are furth...View Details

The COVID–19 pandemic has exposed deep fractures in many countries in how we organise our societies, in our capacity to care for our most vulnerable c...View Details

Our nearest neighbour seems to be in an ongoing state of division and uncertainty for the last number of years, a situation which has been further exa...View Details

What happened in Ireland during the Spanish Flu pandemic just over 100 years ago? Who died, how, and what did the authorities do to manage the disease...View Details

Ireland’s participation in the soccer World Cup in Italy in 1990, 30 years ago, was a defining time for the country, leading to community bonding, nat...View Details

The grotesque murder of George Floyd, filmed by a brave 17–year–old girl, shocked the world into a fresh realisation of racism and its consequences in...View Details

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